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Don’t use your personal time off or a sick day to manage your claim. We do it for you! AND IT’S FREE!

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Your Hail Repair Colorado connection is here to take that hassle out of your life. A Warren Buffers company.

Industry Leader

We know the industry protocol and work at the highest level of professionalism to get you back in the car!


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We Don’t Just Refer You –

We manage your vehicle repair from start to finish

List of Our Living Services For (Auto). We work direct with our select industry professionals that fit your criteria of needs in your area.

  • Provide Hassle Free Management for Your Auto
  • Work to Find the Best Deductible Credit Program
  • We Schedule Work & Pick-Up and Delivery of Vehicle
  • We Set Up the Assessment/Estimate/Quotes
  • One on One Service / Open Communication
  • We Pre and Post Work Inspect Vehicle
  • Absolutely FREE Through Warren Buffers!

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Here’s What We Do For You
With our Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) industry contacts, we match your needs with the best repair fit to assure you a positive experience. You’ll have your own Warren Buffers Living Services Customer Care Agent (All Named Agent Hail) who will do all the leg work for you.

Getting the right one, the right time and for the right terms is what we focus our energy on.

What Are the Things We Look For When Matching a Repair Shop?

First and foremost, convenience and quality work. There are many other matching criteria we follow to make the choice of our network providers work for you. See below.

Lifetime Warranties on Work

We make sure to find providers that warranty their work. It’s important to have.

Deductible Credit Programs

Many providers have different deductible programs. We do our best to find you the best.

Rental Car Assistance

If you need one, we help you find one. Many times your insurance will provide coverage.

Loaner Cars Available

If you require a loaner car, we’ll have hail repair groups that might have that program.

Redeemable Voucher System

Some providers will offer voucher systems whereby you can purchase a discount rate for deductibles.

No Money Out of Pocket

Ultimately, you don’t want to come out of pocket for a repair. We work hard to make that happen.


Turnaround History

Want your car yesterday? We have a network to find you the best turnaround services available.

Delivery and Pick Up Service

Convenience. If you need pick up and delivery of your vehicle, we do that for you.

Open Weekends

Many repair shops are open on weekends. We’ll make sure to try and find ones that are.

Accepts All Major Insurance

Hail repair services are usually major insurance covered. We verify they are before the work.

Active Military Discounts

If you are active military, there are often providers that will give a discount. We will get them for you.


Glass Connections

We have and shops have glass companies that can usually get you serviced at the same time.

Experience Matters. We Work Directly With Paintless Dent Repair Specialists That Have Experience With Many of the Following Vehicles

More About Warren Buffers Living Services

Warren Buffers Living Services in Colorado and Texas

Warren Buffers is based out of Denver Colorado (Greenwood Village) and started operations in 2015. They provide living services for businesses and professionals from all walks of life. Membership is FREE to any and all and continues to grow daily!
The Warren Buffers Texas operations are in Austin Texas and stretch statewide there for hail repair services.

Services and business development continue to grow, but selectively range from logistics to repair management, to food services to shoeshines to laundry and dry cleaning.

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