Hail Repair Colorado

A Warren Buffers Living Services Company

The Warren Buffers Vision

Based out of Denver, Hail Repair Texas and Colorado was the vision of Warren Buffers to develop on behalf of its members. Having seen and heard countless stories from business owners and professionals about the amount of lost time required for managing auto and home repair needs, the idea to put together a team to manage these daily concerns was born.

We started with Auto Hail Damage repair because it is one of the more frequent needs throughout Colorado. Colorado gets hit by more hail storms than nearly any other place in the country. We expect to expand into home repair and maintenance in the next 24 months and add it to our Warren Buffers Realty Services.

Currently, the Hail Repair management teams work both Colorado and Texas. The long term plan is for traveling teams to set up in a town or city hit by hail with full claim and management support on site.

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