You’ve Got Questions.
We’ve Got Answers.

The Short Version of Our Process

Our focus is on you the member client. We aim to have you and your car back on the road with no loss of your valuable time.


We get your information. talk, plan and actualize.


We connect to our network and find the best service provider



We report the service options back to you.


We offer our opinion on options to get you the best.


We schedule the repair and work with you, the insurance and the repair shop



We facilitate the plan as agreed upon. Job is finished – You Drive Happy Again .

We’re Ready to Work for You!

Our process is very simple. You call or submit your information to us to call you. We identify where you are in the process of your damage claim. We can then start the process of managing your needs from there. We follow a course of action, line up the repair service for you, schedule it and communicate with you every step of the way until your repair is complete. All for FREE as Warren Buffers member.

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About The Service

More questions? Let us answer below the most common ones.

1. How Do You Get Paid if Service is FREE?

We have developed a strong network of hail repair specialists that we have a referral system with. They only make it to our network if they meet our business standards evaluation. We fit you to the right provider for your interests, not ours.

2. Couldn't I Just Make the Calls?

Yes you could. However, the value in our service is that we take that burden away from you. It saves you valuable time. Trying to get someone on the line, or to call you back at a prescribed time can be very frustrating. We have direct line communication to shops.

3. Are you actually in the town where we are?

Depending on the size storm, we usually are. Eventually, we hope to have an operation set up whereby you can come direct to our tent set up to file your insurance claims. We are in talks with some insurance carriers on this matter.



4. Do Insurance Agents Recognize You?

We spend a lot of time promoting our services to insurance agents. We are wanting them to understand that we’re a safe and sure bet for referring over their customers. It’s important to us to provide a perfect management service that keeps everyone happy!

About Our Customer Care Team

We continue to grow our team with each new storm.

1. Are assigned a customer care rep?

Yes. We put our customer care representative in direct contact with you following your information submission. You will work directly with that rep through the whole cycle. If your rep is out, there is a back up always in place.

2. Are the customer care reps knowledgeable?

Yes, they are. We encourage them to get to know our provider network and keep updated on any changes the shops may have.

3. Where can I follow updates?

We have direct communication via phone, text or email with you during the process. We also post to our social pages on Facebook and Twitter.

About Warren Buffers Living Services

A growing company – with a focus on members.

1. Why a member based model?

Warren Buffers works directly with not only the public, but with professional companies large and small.  When you can grow a group large enough, it enables them to create a buying power for goods and services that they can then pass on to their members. Members can then order their own back end dashboard account.

2. Is Warren Buffers Free to Join?

Absolutely! We don’t anticipate them ever changing that policy either.

3. Why Only Colorado and Texas?

They were founded in Colorado and always had sites set on Texas as well due to the growing business sectors. Denver and Dallas are still two of the fastest growing business locations in the US. Did we mention both states get a lot of hail too? 🙂

4. What other kinds of services do they have?

The vision for Warren Buffers is to expand into many different areas that fall under the cloud of Living Services. They tend to do market studies and testing before launching their newer programs. Their shoe shine and repair services in Denver is one of the best in the nation. They added a laundry and dry cleaning service, then logistics and are poised to introduce two other new sectors in food and real estate. Warren Buffers founder had a vision that in order to truly provide a quality service to their members, they needed to be hands on with the very services they promote.

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